Catholic Diocese of Kigoma

Vocations Department

vocation fostering

 This department is under Pastoral Office. The main function is to promote and foster vocations to priesthood, sisterhood and brotherhood. This involves preparations for different vocations and nurturing vacations through ongoing formation of priests and religious. It oversees institutions like Iterambogo Properdutic Seminary, Iterambogo Minor seminary in collaboration with education department. The department is responsible in coordinating Major seminarians’ formation activities, On going formation of priests, religious brothers and sisters formation and other vocations related activities.

The department is managed by the Vocations director who sees to it that all the above mentioned groups.

Rev. Fr. Albert J. Lutumula – Vocations Director

Major Seminarians of the Catholic Diocese Of Kigoma 2014

1 Celestin Mahurege Kasangezi Rome-Italia MA in Missiology
2 Simon Liberio Mabamba Segerea Pastoral Year
3 Baraka Ruvakule Kabanga Kipalapala Pastoral Year
4 Liberatus Ntanturo Kakonko Segerea III-Theology
5 Felix Ruboya Nguruka Rome-Italia I-Theology
6 John P. Kashinde Nyaronga Kipalapala I-Theology
7 Albert J. Lutumula Muhinda Segerea I-Theology
8 Michael Daniel Kigoma Kipalapala I-Theology
9 Ladslaus Milagiro Makere Ntungamo III-Philisophy
10 Peter J. Wangwe Nguruka Ntungamo III-Philisophy
11 Solomon M. Tuhoye Kibondo Ntungamo III-Philisophy
12 Frank J. Gilagiza Katubuka Kibosho III-Philisophy
13 Joseph M. Hulilo Kigoma Kibosho III-Philisophy
14 Kizito A. Gahagi Mulera Kibosho III-Philisophy
15 Anicet Anthony Mabamba Ntungamo II-Philisophy
16 Sixbert Kabwaganya Kasumo Ntungamo II-Philisophy
17 Francis J. Kagoma Mabamba Kibosho II-Philisophy
18 Augustino Ruhamvya Kasulu Ntungamo I-Philosophy
19 Achiles Narcis Chalukula Makere Ntungamo I-Philosophy
20 Kizito Method Yohana Kasumo Ntungamo I-Philosophy
21 Dietrich Kapufi Kasumo Ntungamo I-Philosophy
22 Innocent Victor Kibondo Kibosho I-Philosophy
23 Pius John Katubuka Kibosho I-Philosophy
24 Justin Gwandala Kiganza Kibosho I-Philosophy
25 Chrisantus Nyamitwe Kasulu Kibosho I-Philosophy

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