Catholic Diocese of Kigoma

Communications Department

The main function of the department is to emancipate mankind through information dissemination and sharing. The department provides enabling environment to facilitate an improved communication and information sharing mechanisms within the diocese, collaborators and partners. The programme makes every effort at increasing access to information, abridge and diversifying means of communication. It is responsible for devising and developing an effective information management system for easy monitoring all programs in the diocese. In Kigoma diocese, the department is meant to obtain and diserminate news papers, overseeing the preparation and determination of Ibuhana Diocesan bulletin, and updating constantly the diocesan website.


Our vision is the church as a family of God, committed to holistic evangelization and integral development.


The department works to redeem the total person by promoting bodily and spiritually development through good communication. We welcome the public in the church as she strives to redeem man from the bondage of sin and other human miseries such as poverty, illiteracy, diseases and various forms of injustices.


Based on the vision, we venture to aim:

  1. To promote effective communication for effective evangelization
  2. To build and strengthen communication organization structures.
  3. To help parishes to form and strengthen communication committees.
  4. To involve the youth, women and children in evangelization through group communication and drama.

Presently,we embark on planning a macro multimedia project. The project will be known as COLIC(Community Learning and Information Centre).COLIC is a timely response to uphold Communication as a tool for development. The Centre will have four units:

  1. Community radio
  2. Open learning centre
  3. Public library
  4. Research centre


Diocese of Kigoma

Fr. Albert J. Lutumula
P.O. Box 71
Kigoma, Tanzania
Mobile: +255 (0)763760010

For futher details on Communications Department please contact us through the contacts provided above.