Catholic Diocese of Kigoma


On 9th December 2012, Archbishop Paul Ruzoka Opened the Year of faith officially in the Diocese of Kigoma. The opening mass was held at Murubona. Present were the Deans of Kigoma and Kamakaka Deanery, the Diocesan Chancenllor and Diocesan Treasure General. The faithful of Kasulu town participated in multitude for the Holy Mass as the occasion was also conjoined with the confirmation of about 325 youths a sign of growth in faith. In his Opening speech Archbishop Paul Ruzoka urged the faithful to be diligent in matters of faith, to learn the faith and witness it in life; witnessing to point of being ready to die for it as in the case of historical saints. Archbishop Ruzoka used the occasion to summarize the whole programme of the year of faith and urged the faithful to be faithful to it. “By celebrating it well they shall be in communion with the Holy father who saw it good to announce it”, said the Archbishop who was by then Apostolic Administrator of Kigoma Diocese.

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