Catholic Diocese of Kigoma


On 30/01/2012, There were three important events which took place in Kakonko parish. These were Arrival of the Congregation of Frasiscan Sisters of St. Beranadette, the official reopening of Kakonko dispensary and Blessing of the Rectory.

On the above mentioned date, The sisters of the Congregation of Frasiscan Sisters of St. Bernadette Rulenge-Ngara(FSSB) arrived in Kigoma Diocese for the first time with the intention of extending their apostolate in Kigoma. They were to serve in specifically at Kakonko Dispensary. It was a great joy for the people of Kakonko to receive the sisters of the said congregation to resume the service. The first community of the Sisters consisted in four members namely:-

SNO Name Duty
1 Sr. Melania Petro Clinical Officer In-charge
2 Sr. Winifrida Domitian Nurse Midwife
3 Sr. Veresi Night Bursar
4 Sr. Demitilda Kokwihukya Home Affairs

The above mentioned Sisters were accompanied by the then Mother Supurior Rev. Sr. Pulcheria Iholana and a number of Sisters and priests.

The occasion was celebrated in matrix with other equally important events. On the same day the re-opening of Kakonko Dispensary which had remained closed since 1971, following the departure of the Sisters of the Congregation of Daughter of Mary from the Arch Diocese of Tabora due to the problem of insecurity by that time. Kakonko dispensary was blessed and re – opened officially by Rt. Rev. Protase Rugambwa on 30th January, 2012, after having been rehabilitated with the aid from Christian Social Service Commission of Tanzania (CSSC) in 2006. This exercise of blessing the Dispensary went hand in hand with blessing of Kakonko Parish Rectory which had been rehabilitated too.

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